August 2020 virtual zoom meeting

Hi everyone, we are going to try our first virtual zoom meeting on August 20, 2020 at 7pm. 

Join us to discuss how to keep the club moving forward while we wait out the pandemic at:

We also want to hear about your brewing experiences this summer and anything else brew related that you might want to share.

Crack open a home brew (or any good beverage) and let’s catch up!

Share your brews with us virtually!

Hi Everyone,

Please take a moment to virtually share what you have been brewing on our Facebook page! We are all thirsty for inspiration, and we want to see what you’ve been up to while we’ve been apart.

Styles of the month for 2020:
  • January (2021): Imperial Beers – Open Style
  • Fe-brew-ary: Gruit Ales
  • March: Bock Lager
  • April: Session Beer
  • May: Mead
  • June: Bourbon Barrel Aged
  • July: Saison
  • August: IPA (I know, I know, IPA month is EVERY month)
  • September: Red Wine
  • October: Scotch/Scottish Ale
  • November: Experimental Beers – featuring our fantasy beer draft brews
  • December: Porter
The Club Quarterly Competitions are as follows (fingers crossed by September, we’ll be together!):
September: Open European Style ( I suggest a marzen/Oktoberfest bier!)
December: Winter Warmer (High ABV, seasonal flavors

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Keep Brewing!

MCZA meetings and events will be postponed until further notice. However, homebrew supply shops and websites are still running, so with little else available for recreation, why not brew more beer?

Notifications will be sent out to fellow Zymurgists when we can reconvene.

All the best,

Riley Zionce

MCZA President

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February 2020 Club Meeting

This month’s meeting will be Thursday, February 20th at Ice Harbor Brewing Co. The meeting will begin with tastings at 7:00 and official business at 7:30. Topics for this month’s meeting are:

-Holiday party recap. See what you missed or re-live the glory night that was the MCZA Holiday Party!

-A lot of changes are in the works for our digital footprint. James has been working on migrating the site and mailing list to a new host. We’ll cover these changes and what to expect in the future!

-Beer of the Month. This month Riley will be discussing the style Gruit as well as what to expect for future Beers of the Month.

-We’ll be discussing our new award “Brewer of the Year” that we’ll award every January at our holiday party. We’ll explain how to qualify and the point system we’ve set up to get you there!

-Lastly, we’ll be voting on the publicist position as well as introducing our new VP!

-Reminders of upcoming homebrew competitions and festivals:
2020 Washington Mead & Cider Cup: Entries due 2/23, Fee $7.00, Event on 3/7 in Everett, WA

2020 National Homebrew Competition First Round – Seattle: Entries due 3/5, Fee $16.00, Event on 3/13 in Seattle, WA

JBLM Homebrew Competition: Entries due 3/23, Fee $7.00, Event on 3/28 in JBLM, WA

Make Ale for the Arts Home Brew Competition: Entries due 4/15, Fee $8.00, Event on 4/17 in Leavenworth, WA

2020 Cascade Brewers Cup: Entries due 4/19, Fee $8.00, Event on 4/24 in Seattle, WA

Spring Fling: Entries due 4/10, Fee $7.00, Event on 4/26 in Bend, OR

We hope to see you all there!
Sean O.